Creating a Relationship With Your List

As you probably know creating a relationship with your customers and clients is huge in regards to creating a successful organization, off-line or on the web. People purchase from people they understand, like, and believe in.

So, it is important to develop a solid relationship with not only your customers, but your potential prospects also. When I consider the easiest method to build that relationship I usually tend to look back at building an opt-in e-mail list of prospects and customers.

Not only will creating a list help you build relationships, but it will also let you drive traffic towards your websites. So, it only makes sense to take a look at tips on how to easily build relationships with your prospective customers and clients by developing a responsive e-mail marketing list.

If you would like to develop a list you need a subscriber box on your blog. So, that is the very first thing you will want to do. An subscriber form will let you capture your customers name and e-mail address. Getting the subscriber box on your site is the very first step to building a list.  Again, my suggestion is either Get Response or Aweber.

The next step would be to start your follow-up sequence so you can start selling your prospects. Your follow-up sequence should give attention to highlighting your products and services while building a relationship with your customers as well.

A good way to focus on your products and services would be to send testimonials and things of that nature to your list. Make sure that you make sure you’re building a relationship inside of those e-mails at the same time. So, do not make them hard sales. Make them conversational sales pieces that build relationships while doing so.

Do not make your e-mail strictly pitch e-mails, but also give fantastic information. As an added resource, it is HIGHLY recommended that all communication between you and your subscribers complies to the CAN-SPAM act of 2003.

Testing your e-mails is extremely important, and that is the last thing I want to discuss today. The last thing you would like to do is send an e-mail that has a link that is not clickable or insert a bad tag into the e-mail.

Imagine what your prospects think of you when you send an e-mail that refers to them as a tag instead of their name. It simply makes you look silly. That’s why it really is so important to ensure that you test your e-mails before you send them out. It only takes a couple of seconds and can save you from looking like an idiot if you just take this extra step.

One thing I regret when I started building my business as I did not begin to build my subscriber list. That is why if I could go back in a time machine and do it all once again I’d personally begin to build that list the very first day. So, be sure that you pay attention to building your list first and building your relationships second.

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The time is now to start building your list using one of the two services mentioned above. For convenience here they are again: Aweber and Get Response.

Happy List Building! =)

Don’t Let The “Online Gangsters” Lie to You!

Affiliate Marketing has become overrun with sneaky “online gangsters” seeking huge paydays by lying to you! Even though Affiliate Marketing continually becomes very, very profitable… it seems that it is only profitable for a select few!

The REAL truth is it’s only profitable for the people who have grown HUGE email lists or for the very few that have the backing to spend thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising! But here is the kicker most of the traffic purchased is NOT laser targeted!

So, what and how are the “sneaky online gangsters” lying to you?

I am here to dispel a lie that I just recently found out about. Okay, seriously, from all the time that I have been online I knew this stuff was happening and I have even been stung by people using these tactics in search for quick bucks and even faster notoriety. I have never been bitten for thousands but most definitely hundreds. There is a HUGE flaw here that these “online gangsters” do not realize though and that is what I am going to expose today.

One of the questions that I had before I could move on was –> How were they doing it?

Research 101 dictates: If you don’t know what you are dealing with you don’t know what to look for, so lets catch these “online gangsters” in the act!

So, why try to uncover these secrets the deceivers use? Not to expose them to the world, but to generate systems to identify and protect yourself from who is a flat out liar!

A little harsh? Well maybe! But, I don’t think so. When good people are caught in the cross hairs and have their life savings ripped from them, now that is harsh!

I may not make any friends by exposing more and more people to these lies but I don’t really care because I for one will never use these tactics! And for the people that do the next paragraph is for you. =)

Using these tactics will show their ugly head really fast, especially when money is involved. If you are asking yourself what the heck I am talking about and you are wishing that I would just get to the point then, let me introduce you to one VERY IMPORTANT saying that I live my life by “Everything, and I mean everything comes out in the wash”!

Here are two videos that show how these sneaky “online gangsters” are duping you!
(view the source of where I found these videos you can click here)


If you know other ways that people are duping you, make a video then make a comment and I may show case your discovery “online gangster” techniques in future articles.

Free Google Search Codes – Massive Free Traffic

Today I have a short video that explains how you can use Free Google Search Codes to generate Massive Free Traffic where ever you want it to go!

This is a completely free method that you can do without investing anything but your time.

Surefire Way To Start Building Your Optin List Today!

Before I get into the surefire way to start building your own Optin list today, I would like to share how I got started and the things that held me back.

Starting a new online business when you have no experience or technical skills can be one of the scariest things you can ever do. I say this from experience…

My hope is that, this will be very insightful so you can finally start building your own optin list of subscribers.

When I started thinking of building a business online I was looking at the end result. You know the dream or the end result of living the Internet Lifestyle without being there yet?

I had no focus and I had to know it all. I jumped around and bought every information product that I felt held the keys to financial freedom.

I sat down and read most of these gems in the beginning and after a while I bought these products and did not even read them! I just had to have them.

I suppose I had more money than brains at that time! Who buys products and never uses them? That was me, wanting a subscriber list but was not willing to do the work!

Do you feel me? Have you done this? Are you doing this right now? If you are then listen up, because we are going to break that cycle today!

There are so many ways to start a optin list it scatters the mind. NO wonder a lot of people don’t take action. You can spend hours reading these powerful techniques and before you know it you have just taken a university degree in List Building and you turn into one of your Professors you joked about.

Remember the jokes and sayings you heard when you were in college. “Mr. Smith could not make it in his own field so he thought he would teach it“! Hmmm … it is amazing!

You know what I mean? You have all this knowledge but have not taken action to prove that it works!

So, let’s dig in. Here is one surefire way to start building your own Optin list of subscribers today.

  • Pick an area you are interested in.
  • Go to forums and see if there are people interested in the area you have chosen and are having problems or questions. (remember: you are providing a solution to their problems you are not looking for a payday… that will come later.)
    • You can find out what areas people are having issues with by reading the threads. Take the list of the problems and questions and write them down.
    • Get active in the forums and provide your input and really provide genuine help or useful comments to the threads. (you need to get active, there is no way around this, I will explain later.)
    • Research the solutions to the problems and develop a free report.

(HUGE TIP) you can look for a high quality PLR (private resale rights) product and include these solutions to the problems you have uncovered.)

  • Now sign up for an autoresponder .. I recommend Aweber.
  • Get hosting… I recommend HostGator.
  • Now make a webpage and put an image of your special report with some powerful bullet points.
    • Take the Optin code you generate in Aweber and place it on the page.
  • Find related information products that have an affiliate program.
    • Using your autoresponder, send them followup messages introducing them related information products that you signed up as an Affiliate.

Now we need to get people to your page … Let’s get some Targeted Traffic.

Forum Traffic

  • Take your website URL where your free report is and link it to your signature in the forums you have been participating in while you were researching the questions and problems that people are having.

Blog Traffic

  • Look for Blog posts that are discussing your topic and make relevant comments to blog posts. Make sure you link your website so interested people can visit.

The end result will be that you will start building a list of people that are interested in receiving information on your topic.

Let’s Recap.

  • You are researching a topic that you are interested in.
  • Writing a free report.
  • Driving traffic to your free report as an ethical bribe for joining your list.
  • Provide great content to your subscribers.
  • Introduce Affiliate products using your autoresponder and receive affiliate commissions.
    You Get paid!

One last tip from me before I turn you loose! If you are really ambitious you can develop a full blown product of your own in your niche area of expertise and earn 100%. =).

Alright… Now get moving and take what you have learned and get started today!

How To Identify which are the Real Money Making Programs?

Identifying  the Real Money Making Programs that deliver on their promises, that you may feel are great fit for you have become increasingly difficult over the last few years!

Focus on What You Want

It seems that there are high profile launches every day these days online. The reason for this may be that I am on many lists and have a great many friends in the online marketplace. So lets dig in. Shall we?

Since the FTC crackdown on saying that you will make “X” amount of dollars using a particular program has been outlawed. There has been a number of increased new trends to capture your attention and invoke your desire to purchase programs without coming out and saying you will make thousands of dollars by next week!

In this short article I will be introducing a few ways to identify what programs may be a great fit for you. I will be exposing a few major areas that I focus on when I see a program that looks like a great fit for me. I recommend that you use these guidelines as well so you can to identify the wheat from the shaft.

I received questions on countless occasions on this subject so I thought what better way to answer it then right here. I will expose my personal views and strategies on how I make the absolute best decision when researching the right info product for myself.

Just the other day I received this from Dave:

“Hi Nick
I would like to get started but there are so many self gratifying con artists on the net that it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad also cost is a factor.


In my experience the best way to identify the “Good” from the “Bad” products is to invest a little bit of your time and trying not to make a decision I will be sorry for later.

If you are new to online, you have many things working against you. But don’t fear I will expose the strategies that I use. Let me explain.

Many people act on their emotions instead of their intellect when making purchasing decisions. This is a proven fact!  And YES I have done this myself!

This is natural, we are by nature driven by our emotions, and the people that write advertisements have known this and have been zeroing in on the emotions that invoke a buying decision since the beginning.

So, what are we to do to identify the Good from the Bad offers not only online but off as well?

It is very quite simple. We have to make a decision not to react on our emotions.

Here is what I do:

  1. I Sit down and say to myself that I am not going to be driven by emotion.
  2. Then I read the copy as if I were to read a book.
  3. I read it for entertainment and see how the copy draws me in!

Lets break this down. Here is what I look for when I am interested in
purchasing a program or product:

  1. If the copy tells you nothing about what the product and its only goal is to invoke an emotional response then you may wish to pass on that offer and keep looking for a product that explains what you are going to receive.

    Keeping all the guess work out. If the goal of the sales page is to only show you how much money they (author) made and how much success they were able to accumulate but refrains from telling you what it is or what you will receive then perhaps that is a product you may want to think about.
  2. Research the person of whom is the author, look for testimonials (look for stats, not just “Oh he is a good guy” or something like that). Really do your homework.
  3. Make sure they have a guarantee and they have an easy way for you to contact them (nothing is worse than searching for a contact # when you are on a deadline).
  4. Make sure the product is in your skill set, and is something that offers support if you need it. How many times have I purchased a program and the support lacked? Or I had to have specialized knowledge to do something that was not explained on the sales page.  hmmm.

And Finally, Make sure the Benefits outweigh the questions that are left in your mind after you have read the sales page.

Nothing is worst than having a nagging objection stopping you from purchasing a product. Really good sales letters will do what is called “Damage Control”. I believe the correct term used in the industry is called “Objection Handling” or “Defusing Objections”.

Briefly, “Objection Handling” is when the person writing the copy injects their own questions and or asks the product developer what are the Top 10 questions they are asked about their product and answers them on the sales page so the only decision you have after reading the copy or sales video is to purchase!


Remember the ultimate goal for a sales page is to convert a prospect into a paying customer. If you are purchasing a product online that only gives you the dream and its only design is to put $$$$ (dollar signs) in your  eyes then I would think objectively when making your purchasing decision.

Be sure you are protected, make sure you are comfortable with the terms and what the ultimate outcome you will receive  and this should keep you safe.

Who Else Wants A Buyers List?

You want more buyers? Lets build a buyers list!

I have a great **Video Tip** for you today to help you earn more with
your promotions with less work!

The methodology is: Offer your product or service slightly
higher price than you think the market can bear. Then offer
an exit offer at the price you wanted to earn originally.

Seems simple enough, yes? Would you like to see how it works?

Press Play To Watch The Video Example

View The Live Example Of The Page I Reviewed

The Software Used To Show an Exit Offer Which is Used for the Downsell

Derrick VanDyke just uploaded a detailed “ClickNBank Review (live demo)” that will interest you if you are interested in what the product looks like.

View Derrick VanDykes Live Demo of ClickNBank.


1. Offer a Discount on the FRONT END at a price **slightly higher**
than you think the market can bear

2. Offer a Discount right away! <– This is great!

3. Offer ANOTHER Discount when someone leaves the main page that
many will not be able to pass up!

Duplicate this process and lock in more buyers and income.

This is Brilliant!

Modeling what people are doing that’s fresh and on track is
key to online success. The Internet is changing quicker
than any other medium in history. What’s new today is old tomorrow!


Welcome to NICKS NEWS … FINALLY! Easy Ways To Earn Your Internet Lifestyle will be delivering information very soon on how to start earning an Internet Lifestyle working from the comfort of your own home. Just like I do everyday!

If you think this is unattainable then you are in for a huge surprise.

Very soon I will be adding profitable information on what it is that I do every day to earn a full time income. Working when I want!

Have you ever wanted to know how you could earn damn great money while taking your family on a vacation? Have you heard all the stories of people saying they go to bed and when they wake up in the morning and they find they have made more income while they slept than most people make in a whole week of working at a full time 9to5 job or 12 hour continental factory job?

Well this is true for some and definitely true for myself! I do not say this to brag, I say this to inspire you! Because, this is what happened to me while I struggled through the ranks…

For many years I thought that everyone that mentioned they were making a full time income online was lying! I remember getting upset with myself  because I was not making any money at all, and I nearly quit striving for my dream lifestyle many times. However, the reason I did not quit was because I had a really good reason to continue.

If I did not have a really great reason to continue and strive forward I would have quit before the miracle happened. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to take the same action I have so you can achieve your dream lifestyle.

Once again Welcome to and NICKS NEWS … FINALLY! Easy Ways To Earn Your Internet Lifestyle!
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